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"Kiss No Frogs 

Conscious Dating"

Are you seeking a fulfilling life partnership?

The Conscious Dating program will help you make conscious, wise and effective relationship choices. You will become “The Chooser” and not settle for less than you really want.

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High Performance Coaching

Do you love your life? Have you achieved your goals? Do you wish you could be more? In twelve one hour sessions I will help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence as you pursue your goals and embrace your full potential. Homework will be assigned weekly to help you achieve your goals.

"Kiss No Frogs" Conscious Dating Readiness & Attraction

Are you unsure of how to find that someone special? Do you know what you want your life to look like? Come dream with me and I will help you discover your potential in life and love. Twelve one-hour sessions that focus on your journey to self-discovery and your readiness for a love relationship. Assessments and a wide variety of exercises bring fresh insight in a fun way.

Key to Loving Your Life

Keys to Love Your Life

Are you wanting to unlock your passion, purpose or direction? Are you ready for a new perspective? Ready to take action and be accountable? I can help you focus and stretch in the many areas of life:  body (health and fitness), mind and emotions, relationships, family, social, business/career, money/finance, spiritual/contribution.  Fine-tune your life to create a life you love.

Certified High Performance Coach

What is High Performance Coaching?

People often ask this question.

A High Performance coach works with you to help you manage your life by:

  • identifying what's holding you back
  • clarifying goals for your future
  • discovering new possibilities for making positive changes
  • keeping you motivated and accountable

In this way teaching you strategies to help you move forward so you can truly "Love Your Life", achieve your goals and perform at a higher level.


Take That Next Step...

Are you ready to change your life today? Getting started is easy! I'm offering a one hour FREE strategy session to help you get immediate clarity and focus on improving your life in several areas that are uniquely important to you. Click now to go to sign up.